søndag 8. desember 2013

Going to Café Riis

So a couple of days ago, some of my friends and I went to a Café called Café Riis here in Moss, and it was so cozy. I had never been there before, so I didn’t quite know the way, but it turns out that it was just above the library!

When my friend and I went it was really windy out, so windy that I had to force the door to close. But we still made our way across the bridge to meet up with my other chums. It was super cozy inside and the people working there were really nice.

Now, because my friend (Vilde) and I are going to the American College of Norway, it is kind of a given that we speak English to each other. So whilst contemplating what we were going to get, we were talking in English and the guy in the line before us turns around to ask us where we’re from. We said that we were from Norway, but he had a hard time believing that none of us was American or had American parents. So when he learned that I had never been to America, and that I had learned English by watching TV, he said “I’ll pretend to believe you” then he smiled and wished us a good night before he went to his seat. He was super nice and it turns out that he was from Washington but now lives in Moss, so it was cool to meet someone that spoke English and that were willing to strike up a conversation with us (with Norwegians not being too fond of talking to strangers unless they’ve had a drink).

After ordering our drinks (Ice tea for Vilde, hot chocolate for me- yum) we went and sat with our friends and chatted about school, work, panopticism and the fashion industry. It was really interesting because we are all so different and we are all going to study very different things, so Ra (one of my friends) would say a lot of interesting things about chemistry and biology that I had never known before.

We were going to leave around 10 pm, and as Ra and Mika got dressed, Vilde looked at some pictures and I heard someone speaking English and it really sounded like they were from the UK, so I said to Vilde that I thought they might be Irish. Vilde being Vilde, she went over and asked them (whereas I went and ‘hid’ with my other friends because I hadn’t meant for her to ask, it was merely and observation that I wanted to share with her). It was funny because one of them said “I’m from England, now I’m offended” in a jokey way, so she asked the other one and it turns out that he was from Scotland. By the time she had striked up a conversation with them I had come back to her because I was curious. Turns out that they too were living in Moss and the Scottish actually knew where our school was because he had taken a Norwegian course there! They offered us a seat, but as we were about to leave, we had to decline. But it was really nice talking to them, even if it was only for five minutes.

I’m really happy I went there. And talking to people I didn’t know was less terrifying than I thought it would be(probably because Vilde was with me and she is very talkative. Also, I wouldn’t have been speaking English had it not been for her being there, so thanks Vilde). It kind of opened my eyes and made me realize that maybe talking to people I don’t know is not as hard or scary as I think it is.

lørdag 12. oktober 2013

I'm going to Ireland!

It has been quite some time since my last blogpost, so I will let you know what has happend.
Firstly, I got in to the school I wanted! Whoohoo! It is amazing. It is in Moss and it is a one-year program that allows me to start my second year of a bachelor degree in America next year. I am exited!
One of my classes is an Integrated Cultural Experience which includs a trip to Ireland, and we are leaving on Tuesday!

I am extremely exited as I have wanted to go to Ireland for a long, long time and now I am finally going. Not only am I going, but I am going with my class which include three of my bestest friends in Moss that I appreciate very much.

So, hurrah for Ireland!

I will probably write about my trip to Ireland once I get back, but since I am not too good with the whole blogging thing, here is my tumblr: www.priestasmind.tumblr.com and I use my tumblr way more than this blog; so if you love autumn and cats and funny things, you might want to check that out.

Until next time; have a great fall! :)

lørdag 29. juni 2013

Long time no see!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to get a summerjob.
I am so happy, but I don't think I'm going to buy so much stuff of the internet. 
That is because I'm going to study at the American College of Norway in Moss, and then I go study in America, so I kind of need to save some money as the planetickets are very expensive.
Also during my year in Moss I am hoping I get to do some travelling!

My first ever trip outside Scandinavia (with plane) was when I went to Germany with my class, which was amazing! I love Germany, it is amazing and I really wanna go back! Hopefully I'll get to go with some family members or my good friend who is German. I have been in Germany before and it was in 2011 or something, and I went with a Ten Sing choir that is about 20 minutes away from where I live (we have a Ten Sing choir where I live as well, but since I was the only one going I went with the ones that live 20 minutes away. It was very fun, as I already had friends from that choir). It was a Ten Sing festival and it was in Ziegenhain. This time however, my class and I went to a eurythmyfestival in Witten-Annen, and it was even more awesome than the first time I visited Germany. Not only did I get to do eurythmy (which I love and it was my favorite subject) with the amazing people that were in my class, but we got to meet so many people from all over the world! As I am quite shy it was mostly my classmates that initiated conversation with other people, but I joined in... sometimes. Either way, Germany is amazing and I would love to see more of the landscape!
We had to take quite a few trains to get from Witten-Annen to the airport in Köln, and had it not been for the fact that I was very tired and have the ability to sleep everywhere (I promise you, I can sleep on the floor in the bathroom if I want to. I could probably even fall asleep on the kitchenbench) then I would've seen alot of beautiful landscape. I can vaguely remember seeing a bit of it, but not to much. Anyway! Germany was great fun and I would love to go back!

Going to the land of the German people!

The school we were staying at
(with the bunch of other people from all over the world)

Sally and I casually making sure no ones baggage was stolen!

Tina and I casually doing eurythmy on the trainstation.
(We're normal. Promise.)

Alot of train-ing that day.
(Hahaha. Worst pun ever.)

At the end of the school year my class and I went on a trip to Istanbuuuuuuuul! And it was kind of great, exept for the fact that I had to cover almost every inch of my body as red dots would appear on my arms and legs as soon as I got a bit of sun on them. AND I EVEN WORE SUNSCREEN. Also, I thought eight days was kind of too much seeing as I shared a room with three other people. Don't get me wrong, I love them to bits and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but all of us can be very oppinionated and we would get tired of each other. One day we would get along all four, but other days we were more separated. Many of my classmates would spend alot of the time playing cards in the lobby, which was very nice and I feel like we got a lot closer on the two trips we were one. We did get to see a lot of stuff in Istanbul. We stayed on the Asian side, but we would go over to the European side to see the Blue Mosque and other things one should see in Istanbul.

We went to the Black Sea!

My first time at Starbucks!

Look at the blue sky!

Sally talking to our guide.

A random picture of me.

The view from one of the places we visited.

This picture is from a store we visited, and it was handmade and aahhh
it was so much awesome stuff there, and I wish I could've bought everything!

The Blue Mosque!
(Which was amazingly beautiful. I recommend going there!)

We had some turkish tea!

As I was saying earlier I would like to spend a bit of this year travelling, and some of the places I would like to visit are: 

My best friend from childhood is going to study at the univeristy of Manchester and I really wanna go visit her!


The Harry Potter Studio!


søndag 14. april 2013


When I get a summerjob (if I get one, which I have to or else I will go mental) I am going to go insane with buying stuff from YouTubers. Like literally. I wanted alot of Dan and Phil stuff, and the price wasn't to bad... Before I realized that shipping it to Norway would cost $32,85. And that is a lot for someone without a job...
Also, I was thinking of buying a videocamera because I'm going to Germany and Istanbul with my class so it would be nice to have that. Unfortunatly I don't know which camera I should get. So if you have any ideas, please tell me!
You can have some rasberrys if you help me, as it would mean alot.

mandag 25. mars 2013

Carrie Hope Fletcher

I just discovered this on YouTube.
I am a huge fan of Carrie, and I was not dissapointed.
She is amazing.

Easter holiday!

I am so happy that it's easter right now, it was very much needed.
I don't have any plans except do homework (yes, I know that sounds lame) and read... and play sims...
I don't know how social I'll be consdering the fact that I am an introvert, but I know I will see at least one or two, maybe even three of my friends! Other than that I don't have to much to say, really, so I'll leave you with a picture of something random I found on the internet!
Because we all love cats <3

lørdag 23. mars 2013

Explaining my last post

I guess it's "normal" to make new friends, so having me sharing the fact that I got a new friend might seem wierd. But I'm not good at making friends... at all. So I got very happy when I got a new friend, since I'm kind of a introvert and I suck at making new friends. So yay! New friend. <3

torsdag 21. mars 2013


I feel like people usually are "depressed" at school and get happy when they get home.
With me, it's completely different today. Probably because I have homework for tomorrow and I haven't even started. Yes, I know that's stupid.

lørdag 16. mars 2013

Which Hunger Game character am I most alike?

[x] You would do anything to protect your family.
[] You have good aim.
[ ] You hate cats
[] You like to wear your hair in a braid.
[ ] You find sticking to instructions tough.
[x] You aren't too fond of people in general.
[x] You hate being indebted to people.
[x] You hold grudges.
[x] You wouldn't describe yourself as a warm, friendly person—you've got about as much charm as a dead slug
[] When you sing people listen well.

Total: 5

[x] You're an artist.
[ ] You love to bake.
[] You can decorate well.
[ ] Manipulating people comes naturally for you.
[ ] You're clever. 
[x] Your favorite color is orange.
[] People tend to be charmed by you.
[] You're a fantastic liar.
[x] You're a hopeless romantic. 
[ ] You have a strong sense of self.

Total: 3

[x] You question everything. 
[x] You're very defiant.
[x] You're spontaneous
[x] You're a rebel with a cause.
[ ] You would do absolutely anything for justice.
[ ] People would describe you as being good-looking. 
[ ] You're very intelligent ( Supposedly. )
[x] If your friend was in trouble, you'd do anything to try and help them.
[ ] You hate your Government
[ ] You don't mind providing for your family

Total: 5

[x] You like sugar cubes. 
[] Others often describe you as sexy or gorgeous. 
[] You've been used for your looks.
[] You're a skilled swimmer. 
[x] When you're anxious, your hands have to be occupied—with knots or something of that nature.
[] You're very popular, but don't want to be.
[x] You're protective.
[] When the person you love isn't with you, you feel lost and lonely. 
[x] There's more to you than what people see.
[x] You hate it when people judge you or others before getting to know them.

Total: 5

[] You're innocent 
[] You have blonde hair.
[x] You adore animals.
[x] You love helping people in need. 
[] People seem to be fond of you. 
[] Over time you've become quite wise. 
[] You are nurturing.
[] When you're older, you want to be a doctor or a nurse.
[] You have an older brother or sister who would do anything for you 
[] You are very forgiving.

Total: 2

[x] You're creative.
[ ] You root for the underdog.
[ ] You dress simply
[x] You stand up for your cause
[x] Your hair is simple and easily manageable
[x] You tend to have brilliant ideas. 
[ ] You would be willing to die for a cause
[ ] You are brave. 
[ ] Your ideas are very 'out there' and they stand out from the rest.
[x] You aren't like anybody you live with

Total: 5

[] You're somewhat materialistic.
[] You've dyed your hair a wild color.
[x] You're somewhat naive.
[] You're chirpy
[] You're punctual and hate lateness.
[] Etiquette is important to you.
[] You're rich
[] You can be considered an airhead
[] While you may seem shallow, you have hidden depths
[ ] You hate where you work (go to school)

Total: 1

[x] You're very sarcastic.
[ ] You get drunk often.
[] People might find you condescending
[ ] Outsmarting others is a talent of yours.
[x] You're very lonely.
[ ] You're very intelligent.
[x] You tell it like it is. (TOUGH LOVE!)
[x] You're dependent on something/someone. 
[ ] You're grumpy.
[x] You're cunning

Total: 5

[ ] You're a bold, gutsy person.
[x] People might call you crazy 
[x] You want things to be fair.
[x] You've had a rough time in life.
[x] You really don't like most people.
[ ] You have short hair (medium)
[] You don't like being in water.
[x] You're defiant.
[x] You're lonely.
[x] You have bad memories which you can't seem to let go of

Total: 7

[x] You love music.
[\] You're small and graceful. (...Small, yeah c
[x] You hum often.
[] You inspire others
[x] You're always hungry.
[x] People underestimate you.
[] You're innocent.
[ ] You're smarter than you look.
[x] You're an underdog.
[\]You're a good singer (I'm not... HORRID)

Total: 6

[] You are athletic (NOPENOPENOPE)
[]You are flirty (I can't flirt. I just can't)
[]People find you "hot"
[]You always go for the gold (Depends.)
[] You get special treatment
[]You don't leave anything unfinished 
[]You tend to be violent/aggressive
[]You curse a lot
[]You lead by being aggressive
[]People are scared of you

Total: 0

[]You are athletic
[ ]You like knives/fire (If knives don't work then KILL IT WITH FIYAH.)
[]You are violent
[ ]You don't mind gore
[/]You don't care how you look
[\]You don't care how other people find you
[x]You don't like people in general
[ ]You are aggressive
[]You tend to respond loudly
[ ]You are fast

Total: 2

RUE- 6

torsdag 28. februar 2013

lørdag 23. februar 2013

Queen of procrastination

This is a video made by one of my favorite YouTubers, Carrie Fletcher.
She made this video about procrastination, and I found it quite brilliant, because I too am a huge procrastinator.
So of course it made me like her even more. If that's possible.
I think she is awesome.

I just thought this was so cute


fredag 22. februar 2013


This is my friend Sally. Right now she is HERE
and we are having a GIRLS NIGHT.
Which I think will be awesome.
She is my very close friend, and we wanna go to the same school next year!
If we get in, that is. We want to, at least.

torsdag 21. februar 2013

I am scared

I'm scared about a lot of things. Mainly things that concern my future.
What if I don't get in to the school I want to? I have no backup plan on that one. There is only that one school I want to go to. What do I do if I don't get in? I have to get in.
What am I going to do if I don't get a job for the summer? How will I pay for school? I know we get scholarships in Norway, but if I'm going to America to study in two years, I need a bit extra money.
How will I cope with the transformation from High School to the university? I love my high school, I think it's one of the best schools ever. How will it be starting university?
I don't know what to do.
Right now I'm sitting on the bed trying to write a motivational essay. I don't know how to write a motivational essay, I've never done that before! What I am supposed to write? "Hello, my name is kgnsdfkjg and I would like to go to your school because jksdlgbdfkjgbkjsf."?
What if they don't think my essay is good enough? What if they think it's superficial?
I don't know what to do. I know I don't have the gpa that's recommended. I have a 3.6 gpa, and they would like a 4. Which I think I can get. I am pretty confident that my grades will be better this next semester, but they won't know that. They only have my grades NOW and my essay, will that be good enough to get accepted to the school?

mandag 18. februar 2013

Avril Lavigne

I just wanted to post this because I think it's a brilliant cover

lørdag 16. februar 2013

Wordz IQ

I feel kind of proud now :D


On thursday we had our årsoppgave framlegg. It was a pretty big deal, and I can't believe that it's over. The last few months has been pretty hectic due to the fact that I started the årsoppgave later then I had hoped to. But I am quite happy about the result, and I hope I get a good grade. Or at least that I pass.
I feel like everyone was pretty nervous about the framlegg, except me.
But I think we all did a great job on it.
I know several of my classmates was so nervous that they wanted to cry up on stage, but they didn't, and I'm so proud of everybody for making it.
I can't believe it's been two and a half year with this class, and that I only have 4 months left with these amazing people.
Steinerskolen has really been an amazing experience, and I'll miss everything about it. Even math. But especially the people. Both the people in my class, and in 2th videregående, even 1th videregående and the teachers.
I think one of the subject I'll miss the most is eurytmi, believe it or not.
And I'm so stoked about the eurytmi trip we're going on in May.
It's in Germany.

søndag 3. februar 2013

Simple Plan

My friend was playing random music and played some Simple Plan, which made me remember the obsession I had with Simple Plan a couple of years ago. Then I realized how much I remember of the songs, and how much they actually mean to me.